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Restoring the Charm of Sash and Case Windows Edinburgh, Scotland

sash and case windows edinburgh

Restoration of Sash and Case Windows Edinburgh

Hilston & Bennett is the leading sash and case windows Edinburgh renovation company, We specialise in full sash window replacement to fitting new sash windows into properties in and around Edinburgh.

Resurrecting the beauty of sash and case windows in Edinburgh

Sash windows have graced countless homes for centuries in Edinburg, adding elegance and character to their architecture. However, the passage of time often leaves these windows in a state of disrepair. Fortunately, sash window and case restoration offers a fantastic solution to revive sash windows to their former glory. 

The Benefits of Sash & Case Window Restoration 

Sash window restoration has several advantages over total replacement. First off, it enables property owners to improve energy efficiency while maintaining the original features and character of their homes. 

Restoration provides a tight fit, limiting heat loss, and lowering energy costs by repairing and renovating the existing windows. In addition, restoring windows will be less expensive than completely replacing them. As specialists in restoring sash windows, we have the knowledge necessary to restore the windows to full functionality, increase security, and fix any rot or decay, ensuring their endurance for many years to come.

Sash Window Restoration Process

The process begins with a thorough inspection by our qualified team members to assess the condition of the windows. They will be able to identify areas that require attention. This work includes checking for decay, loose joints, broken glass, damaged sashes, and hardware. Once the assessment is complete, the restoration specialist can begin the repair work on the sash windows once the agreement is agreed with our clients.

The Process will Include

The work involves checking the condition of the timber frame case, the sliding operation of the sash in the case and the overall condition of the windows. 

Timber Frame Work Inspection and Repairs 

Problems with a window normally transpire from the wooden sash and case which will rot over time if not properly taken care of. If the sash or case cannot be repaired, our craftsmen carpenters can make a new sash and case from softwood or hardwood.

Heating & cooling

If the windows are single-pane, they may be upgraded to double glazing or triple-pane windows to improve insulation and reduce energy costs at your house.

Upgrading Windows 

Older sash windows have always been single-glazed, we recommend whilst repairs are being carried out to opt for double glazing. 

The Cost of Sash Window Repair 

The cost of professional restoration will vary depending on the extent of the damage, the materials used, and the labour costs in your area. However, our professional restoration is a worthwhile investment that will protect your investment in your home and improve its efficiency.

Quality Assured Windows 

To provide projects with premium bespoke window frames and glazing, at Hilston & Bennett we actively work with neighbourhood building businesses and joiners. Timber windows can be glazed with single, double, or triple glazing all made to size in our factory.

Our Bespoke Quality Edinburgh Window Services

A lot of the buildings in Edinburgh date back hundreds of years and still retain their original windows and doors. At Hilston & Bennett, we have carried out hundreds of window repairs on historic buildings in Edinburgh. We pride ourselves on our achievements in replacement sash windows on many a home in Edinburgh.

Before ordering new windows, please take the time to visit our website and view the work we have completed on the sash & case windows 

100% Customers Satisfaction & Quality Assured Work

Established in 1981, all of us Hilston & Bennett take immense pride in the work we do and strive for 100% customer satisfaction on every job. 

Our Customer Promise

  • You can rely on us to provide an unbiased assessment of the required labour and supplies. Sash and case windows, UPVC windows, or wooden external doors all qualify.
  • We would never tell you window parts needs replacing if they can be repaired, customer honesty has always been our policy. 
  • All of our inspections are thorough, you can rest assured we will spot any damage and carry out the appropriate repairs

If you need further information or a quote to repair or replace your windows, please get in touch