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Listed Building & Conservation Windows Advice

When it comes to replacing or repairing sash windows in historic buildings of interest, navigating the complexities can be quite a minefield. The design and form of historic windows make a substantial contribution to the character and architectural integrity of most historic buildings and to the character and appearance of conservation areas. It is always encouraged that any workmanship undertaken is of the highest standard along with the correct materials.

Sash and case windows tend to be very durable, having been in place for a century or more. As per Scottish council rules for listed buildings and conservation areas, maintaining the original aesthetic with a like-for-like window replacement is almost always recommended. However, councils do prefer if the original window is upgraded to keep in style with the building as much as possible.

With our listed building & conservation windows advice, we can assist you throughout the planning process and survey your windows to determine if an upgrade is feasible without the need for complete replacement. This approach not only preserves the historical integrity of the building but also ensures compliance with local regulations, which can be stringent.

First Steps for Sash & Case Window Replacement or Repairs in Scotland – Listed building & conservation windows advice

If you own a listed building, it’s crucial to check with your local council for permission before undertaking any work. Similarly, if you reside in a conservation area, consultation with your council is necessary. They can provide guidance on whether it’s more appropriate to repair or replace your windows, considering both historical accuracy and modern performance standards.

Detailed Assessment and Custom Solutions

With our Listed Building & Conservation Windows Advice, our team offers a detailed assessment of your existing windows, providing a report on their condition and recommendations for repair or replacement. This service is tailored to meet the specific needs of your property, ensuring that any interventions are sensitive to the building’s historical context.

Utilising Traditional Craftsmanship and Modern Techniques

We specialise in blending traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to achieve results that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior. Our craftsmen are skilled in historical carpentry methods, which are essential for authentically restoring sash and case windows. Meanwhile, we incorporate modern advancements in glass and framing technology to enhance the thermal efficiency and security of the windows without compromising their historical appearance.

Compliance and Consultation Services

Understanding the regulatory landscape is crucial for any renovation in conservation areas and listed buildings. With our Listed Building & Conservation Windows Advice, we provide comprehensive consultation services to help navigate these regulations, ensuring that all work complies with local conservation rules and building codes. This includes liaising with conservation officers and handling all necessary paperwork on your behalf, making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Beyond Windows: Comprehensive Building Care

While our expertise is deeply rooted in window care, our services extend to a full range of conservation carpentry and restoration work. Whether it’s timber doors, frames, or intricate architectural features, we apply the same level of care and precision to ensure that every aspect of your building’s architecture is treated with respect and enhanced to meet contemporary standards.

Workshops and Client Education

We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge with our listed building & conservation windows advice. To this end, we offer workshops and detailed consultations that help property owners understand the importance of proper window care and the complexities involved in maintaining historical properties. These sessions provide practical advice and insights into maintaining the integrity of your property over the long term.

Engaging with professionals who understand the nuances of historic property renovation is crucial. By choosing experts in the field of sash and case windows and conservation carpentry, you ensure that the historical value of your property is preserved while enhancing its functionality and efficiency for modern use. 


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