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Sash and Case

Sash and Case

There’s a timeless elegance to sash and case windows that few other designs can rival. Predominantly found gracing the facades of traditional buildings in Edinburgh and other parts of Scotland, these windows represent a confluence of aesthetic beauty and functional prowess. If you’ve ever strolled through the historic streets of Edinburgh or Glasgow, you’ve likely marvelled at these architectural masterpieces that seamlessly meld with both the modern and historic ethos of the city.

Sash and Case Manufacturers and Fitters in Edinburgh

Hilston & Bennett is renowned for its exceptional work in crafting and fitting sash and case windows. Our Edinburgh-based artisans have honed their skills, ensuring each window is a perfect blend of form and function. Our heritage of delivering quality to our valued customers speaks volumes of our dedication.

Experienced Fitting Teams

Our teams in Edinburgh and Scotland are not just experts; they are passionate craftsmen who take pride in every window they install. Each member is trained to understand the unique requirements of different buildings, especially in conservation areas, ensuring that the style and tradition of the property remain untouched.

Highly Skilled Workshop

Our workshop in Edinburgh is where the magic happens. Equipped with the latest tools and traditional techniques, we craft each sash and case window to perfection. Whether it’s replacement sash windows or new sash windows for modern homes, our commitment to quality and expertise remains unwavering.

Sash and Case Specialists

At Hilston & Bennett, we believe in specialisation. Our focus on sash and case designs has made us the go-to experts for both modern and traditional windows in Scotland. Our knowledge, coupled with our passion, ensures each window we create or restore is a testament to our expertise.

Complete Windows Solutions

Beyond the sash and case windows, our repertoire extends to double glazing, timber windows, and a range of other window styles tailored for diverse buildings. From replacement to creating entirely new windows, we’ve got your house covered.

Sash & Case Windows Edinburgh

The charm of Edinburgh is often linked to its architectural heritage, and sash and case windows play a pivotal role in this. We, at Hilston & Bennett, understand this connection and aim to enhance the city’s beauty with our meticulously crafted windows.

Manufacture of Sash and Case Windows Glasgow

While Edinburgh is our home, our reach extends to Glasgow. Known for our traditional craftsmanship, we’ve carved a niche for ourselves in the city’s sash and case window market.

Edinburgh’s Premier Sash Window Painting Company

A sash window isn’t just about wood and glass. Its beauty can be accentuated with the right shades and strokes. That’s where our painting experts step in, transforming every window into an artwork.

Sash and Case Windows Scotland

Scotland is home to a myriad of architectural wonders, and sash and case windows prominently feature in this landscape. Be it Edinburgh, Glasgow, or any other town, our windows stand as markers of impeccable craftsmanship.

Timber Sash & Case Windows

There’s something undeniably classic about timber windows. Combining this with the sash and case style results in windows that exude old-world charm while offering modern-day efficiency.

Traditional Sash & Case

The essence of sash and case windows lies in their historical depth. For centuries, these traditional sash windows have adorned homes and buildings in Scotland. Their unique window style seamlessly melds with various architectural designs. Edinburgh and Glasgow, in particular, cherish traditional sash and case windows, symbolising both cities’ architectural legacy. At Hilston & Bennett, we prioritize:

  • Authentic Designs: Our sash windows encapsulate the genuine style of earlier times.
  • Use in Conservation Areas: Ensuring our windows fit perfectly within the historical context of conservation areas.
  • Modern Home Integration: Introducing the old-world charm of sash windows into today’s properties.

What are Sash and Case Windows?

Sash and case windows, a distinctive feature in the architectural landscape of Scotland, comprise two movable panels or “sashes”. These sashes, in a delicate dance of craftsmanship, slide over each other, distinguishing them from other window styles. The frame that houses these sashes is the “case”, lending the window its unique name and function.

Sash and Case Windows in Scotland

Dotted across Scotland, from the bustling lanes of Edinburgh to the historic streets of Glasgow, sash and case windows reflect Scotland’s rich architectural history. These windows, with their unique design and function, are apt for various properties, from age-old conservation areas to contemporary homes.

Timber Sash & Case Windows

Craftsmanship takes centre stage at Hilston & Bennett, especially with our timber sash & case windows. Carved from the finest timber, these windows are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Timber, beyond its beauty, offers superior insulation, ensuring homes stay warm.

Customers, Work, and Sash and Case

Our work at Hilston & Bennett is a blend of commitment to the craft, respect for our customers, and an undying passion for sash and case windows. Whether it’s a project in bustling Edinburgh or tranquil Glasgow, our dedication to quality shines through. Our customers, recognizing our expertise, have entrusted us with their properties, making our portfolio a testament to our skill in joinery work and design.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sash and Case

What makes sash windows different from casement windows?
Sash windows have a vertical sliding mechanism, while casement windows open outward or inward.

Why are sash and case windows a common sight in Scotland?
Their historical significance combined with their timeless aesthetic appeal, makes them a favourite in Scottish architecture.

Can I replace traditional sash windows with double glazing?
Absolutely! Hilston & Bennett offers replacement sash windows, incorporating double glazing for enhanced insulation.

How can I ensure the longevity of my sash and case windows?
Regular maintenance, including cleaning, addressing any drafts, and periodic painting, can prolong the life of your windows.

Why is timber often chosen for sash and case windows?
Timber provides an authentic look coupled with great insulating properties, making it a preferred choice. However, the ideal material often varies based on individual preferences and property needs.

Trust Hilston & Bennett With Our Work!

When it boils down to sash and case windows in locations like Edinburgh or Glasgow, Hilston & Bennett emerges as a paragon of excellence. Our commitment to unmatched quality, an understanding of traditions, and a drive for innovation makes us the go-to choice for many in Scotland. Whether you’re looking to restore a historic property or infuse a touch of tradition into a modern building, our team stands ready. Trust our expertise, and watch as we transform your spaces with the unmatched elegance of sash and case windows.