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The Art of Architectural Joinery in Edinburgh & Glasgow 

architectural joinery

The Craftsman Joiners Behind Architectural Joinery Work

Based in Scotland, Hilston & Bennett is the prestigious go-to company for traditional, architectural joinery & carpentry. Their team of experienced carpenters and joiners possess the skills for quality renovations on private homes to listed buildings.

We specialise and meticulously recreate period-specific woodworking elements. We use traditional methods and materials to ensure authenticity and historical accuracy.

Whether it’s intricate decorative mouldings, panels, doors, windows, or staircases. Our craftsmen can craft these elements to suit specific or individual architectural styles and for any design requirement.

In-Depth Woodworking Knowledge

Our carpentry and joinery team possess in-depth knowledge of all the various woodworking techniques, including cutting, shaping, carving, and finishing wood. We understand the importance of choosing the right wood species, considering factors such as durability, stability, and aesthetics.

Our style of woodworking involves working with wood to create various objects and structures. It requires knowledge of wood selection, tools, joinery techniques, woodworking joints, shaping and finishing techniques, safety precautions, design and layout, wood movement, and project planning. 

As we understand all of these aspects, this knowledge allows us to create first-rate durable woodworking projects for the whole of the UK and internationally. 

The Benefits of Architectural Joinery Work

Our experienced craftsmen know the art of crafting wood to create functional and beautiful pieces of furniture, staircases, and other architectural features. It is a highly skilled and specialised trade, and the benefits of using architectural joinery in your home can be significant

Made to Measure Joinery 

For that perfect fit, our made-to-measure items are constructed exactly to a customer’s project requirements. This ensures our clients so you can get exactly what you want. 

High-quality Construction Materials

At Hilston & Bennett, we only use the finest materials which are locally sourced and use our top-notch craftsmanship in the construction of first-rate superior pieces. 

Our craftsmanship will add value to your property

Architectural joinery can be a valuable addition to any home. It’s a direct entry for uniqueness, superiority, functionality, and aesthetics to your home, and it can also increase its value.

Elegant, durable & customisable 

Architectural joinery envelops, elegance, durability and customisation. As strong timber is used during construction making it durable. The work and skills of our craftsmen always deliver elegantly constructed pieces. Customers can choose the wood type, finish, and design features that they want making the project customisable. 

Joinery Techniques for Sash and Case Windows 

Sash windows have long been regarded as architectural gems, adding a touch of elegance and charm to any building.

Our skilled joiners and craftsmen bring these windows to life by combining traditional joinery techniques with modern materials and technologies. Each component, from the frame to the sashes, is carefully crafted to ensure structural integrity and long-lasting performance

Visual Appeal and Warmth of Our Bespoke Joinery Work

One of the things that makes custom joinery so visually appealing is the use of high-quality materials. The joinery typically uses solid timber, such as oak, walnut, or maple, which is carefully selected for its grain, colour, and texture. Our craftsmen then carefully work the timber to create a wooden case for a window, renovated or replacement staircase as an example.

You can be assured the custom-made replacement pieces we undertake, will perfectly suit the space in which they will be placed. In every case, our custom joinery is also a great way to add a touch of luxury to your house.

We offer Customisation and Tailored Joinery Solutions

At Hilston & Bennett, our staff members specialise and have renovation expertise in homes in conservation areas and for listed buildings. As a company are aware of our obligation to preserve the historic building’s original character. When installing new windows and doors, we’ll ensure all the detailing is carefully matched or properly restored.

We undertake all types of commissioned jobs, such as a beautifully bespoke joiners bath for a newly renovated bathroom, or a newly constructed window case for a listed building in Edinburgh. 

All commissioned jobs, including sash and case windows, are made to order in our factory and shipped to Stirling, Glasgow, Perth, and Edinburgh. 

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