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Double Glazed Sash Windows

Double glazed sash windows have long been admired for their timeless elegance and functionality. With Hilston & Bennett’s expertise in bespoke sash window solutions, which include timber and uPVC sash windows. With our help and advice, you can now enhance your home with the added benefits of double glazing. 

With so many companies such as Anglian Sash Windows, Everest Sash Windows and Rose Collection of sash windows, why choose Hilston & Bennett? This article will highlight our sash window design options and why Hilston & Bennett are the UK’s timber sash and uPVC sash windows supply company. 

All Angles Professionally Covered 

If you are interested in our glass sash windows features, sash window benefits and available glass sash window furniture. At Hilston & Bennett, we have every angle covered, from European redwood sash windows cost to the cheaper uPVC windows alternative. 

Double Glazed Sash Windows with Traditional Craftsmanship and Modern Comfort 

At Hilston & Bennett, we understand the importance of preserving the heritage of the sash windows on your property. Our uPVC and timber sash windows incorporate all modern modern comforts. 

Our range of double-glazed sash windows seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary energy efficiency standards. 

Window Operating Mechanisms 

We can incorporate either sash on springs or sash on weights mechanisms. These both serve the same purpose of counterbalancing the weight of the sashes. This ensures that sash windows operate smoothly and effortlessly. The choice between the two mechanisms may depend on factors such as the age of the property, architectural preferences, and desired level of maintenance. 

Timber Sash Windows Styles 

Each traditional timber sash window is crafted with precision and care. We use high-quality hardwood and sash window materials such as European redwood. Our wooden sash windows not only evoke a sense of nostalgia with their sash horns and classic design. 

These windows also offer exceptional thermal performance, keeping your home warm and cosy even in the harshest winters. Additionally, the durability and longevity of traditional timber sash windows contribute to their appeal, offering homeowners both immediate benefits and long-term value appreciation 

Stylish and Affordable uPVC Sash Windows 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. Then check out our range of uPVC sash windows are an excellent choice. These sash windows offer good thermal insulation properties and have low maintenance requirements. 

These styles of double-glazing sashes are ideal for busy homeowners who seek convenience without sacrificing style such as arched sash windows with sash horns. 

Timber sash windows come in various styles, ranging from traditional Victorian and Georgian sash windows to more modern and bespoke contemporary options. Each style and collection sash offers its own unique charm and aesthetic appeal. 

Whether it’s the elegant detailing of Victorian windows or box sash windows. Whether you prefer classic or modern aesthetics a wooden sash window provides a versatile and customisable solution to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. 

Timber and uPVC Windows FAQ 

Can the Glass on Sash Windows be Double Glazed? 

Yes, sash windows can indeed be double-glazed. Whilst a traditional sash window was typically single-glazed, advancements in glass and window technology have made it possible to incorporate double-glazing into uPVC and timber sashes. 

Do Double Glazed Sash Windows Add Value? 

Yes, double-glazed sash windows can significantly add value to a property. Beyond their aesthetic appeal and timeless charm, these windows offer practical benefits such as improved energy efficiency, noise reduction, and enhanced thermal insulation. 

Potential buyers often prioritise features that contribute to comfort and energy savings. This makes double-glazed sash windows a desirable investment that can increase the overall value of a home. 

Are Sash Windows Customisable? 

Yes! We offer a variety of styles and colours to match your home’s exterior. This allows you to personalise your uPVC or timber windows according to your preferences. 

Are timber sash windows as energy-efficient as uPVC? 

Yes, our timber sash windows are draught-proofed and meet all current building regulations for energy efficiency, helping you reduce heat loss and energy bills. 

Customisation is Key 

At Hilston & Bennett, we offer bespoke design services to ensure that your windows perfectly complement your home’s unique character and style. With a wide array of customisation options available such as bottom sashes. 

Key Benefits include Energy Efficiency, Security, and Functionality 

As a homeowner, you can create sash windows that not only enhance the visual appeal of your property. These enhancements will also meet your practical requirements for energy efficiency, security, and functionality. 

Contact us Today 

Incorporate your unique glazing style and needs into your home with Hilston & Bennett’s bespoke sash window solutions. From traditional timber elegance to modern uPVC practicality. 

Our double-glazed traditional sash windows offer the perfect glazing combination of style, comfort, and efficiency. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and together we will transform your home to new heights of sophistication.