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Expertly Crafted Wood and uPVC Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Energy-Efficient and Visually Beautiful Casement Windows

For centuries, casement windows have been a popular and durable window design. For many homeowners, their superior ventilation, style, energy-efficient glazing, unhindered views, and security features make them an excellent option.

With a range of design options to suit different preferences and architectural styles. Each style of glass window looks outstanding in both historic and modern homes.

Scotland’s Leading Casement Window Manufacturer and Supplier

For case windows Glasgow, Stirling, Perth or Edinburgh areas, Hilston and Bennett have to be your first choice, here’s why.

Established as a family-owned business in 1981. We have spent over three decades dedicated to producing high-quality windows and doors.

Our commitment to using premium materials and mastering both traditional and modern techniques has made us a trusted name throughout the industry.

Casement Windows by Hilston and Bennett

Casement windows have a timeless appeal, and at Hilston and Bennett, we have mastered the art of joinery crafting them. The style, feel, and energy efficiency of windows are important considerations when selecting the ideal windows for your house. All of these qualities make casement windows, an exceptional timeless design style for any property.

In this article we will examine casement windows in-depth, looking at their advantages, various design options, and contemporary uses. Whether you’re planning a new construction project or looking to upgrade your existing windows.

Understanding a type of window, whether for window replacements or new. We will help you make the right choice of window design for your home.

Choosing Casement Window Materials and Styles

The choice between uPVC casement and wooden casement windows is dependent on a few considerations. Casement windows and flush sash timber windows both open outward. When closed, flush casement timber windows lie flush against the frame, giving the glass window a smooth, sophisticated appearance.

At Hilston and Bennett, we use premium hardwoods like oak, and mahogany to make them. Moreover, the design of flush casement windows offers excellent security and energy-efficient glazing.

Aesthetics and Style

While uPVC windows offer a sleek and contemporary appearance, timber windows have a traditional style. Offering a frame style that’s both cosy and welcoming appearance.

Maintenance Requirements

Timber casement windows require more upkeep in terms of colour painting or colour staining. While styles of uPVC casement windows are low-maintenance and easy to clean.

Energy Efficiency

Both a uPVC or wooden casement window options can be highly energy-efficient when equipped with double glazing. Although an uPVC window may be a more cost-effective and efficient window choice for achieving energy savings.

Budget Friendly

Windows made from uPVC are generally more budget-friendly. This makes them a popular window for those looking to maximise quality within a limited budget


The flexibility of uPVC allows for a wide range of design possibilities. At Hilston and Bennett, we offer various colour choices, ensuring your glass windows complement your home’s exterior.

Historical Preservation

For renovations of wooden windows in a historic home or a property in a preservation district. Casement or sash windows made from timber will be the better choice to maintain the authenticity and window style of the architecture.

The Benefits of Casement Windows

Because of their many advantages, uPVC and new casement windows are a popular option among homeowners. The following are some benefits of installing casement windows:

Excellent Ventilation

When casement windows are fully opened, a sizable glass aperture allows natural light to enter your house. This is especially helpful in warm, muggy climates where adequate ventilation is crucial.

Energy Efficiency

Casement windows reduce drafts and waste less energy when they are closed because they seal tightly against the frame. They are therefore a cost-effective choice for homeowners trying to reduce their utility costs.

Unobstructed Views

Since casement windows usually have just one sash, they offer clear views of the outside world. This is ideal for taking in breathtaking views or an abundance of natural light.

Modern Security Features

Because casement windows are hinged on the side, they are more secure because it is harder to pry them open from the outside. For added security, we fit multipoint locking systems on wood and uPVC casement windows.

Timeless Aesthetics

With a classic style and adaptable design, casement windows go well with both traditional style and modern architectural forms. They are a beautiful option for any home because of their simple elegance and clean lines.

Design Variations of Wood and uPVC Casement Windows

Casement windows are available in a variety of designs to accommodate a range of tastes and architectural motifs. Below are a few style options for you to consider.

Single Style Casement Windows

Single sash and case windows consist of a single sash that opens outward from one side. A single casement window is an excellent choice for smaller openings or where symmetrical styles are desired

Double Style Wood and uPVC Casement Windows

Double casement windows consist of two sashes that open from opposite sides, meeting in the centre when closed. This design provides a wider opening for enhanced ventilation and unobstructed views

Triple Style Wood and uPVC Casement Windows

Three sashes make up triple casement windows, with two smaller sashes on either side of the centre sash. This design is flexible and can be altered to suit various window configurations and sizes.

Push-Out Style Wood and uPVC Casement Windows

The handle of a push-out casement window is used to simply tilt the sash outward. The styles are classic and refined and are frequently seen in older houses.

Top-Hinged Style Wood and uPVC Casement Windows

Casement windows with a top hinge open from below and are hinged at the top. Even in light rain, this style is ideal for places where ventilation is required.

Crank-operated Wood and uPVC Casement Windows

Crank-operated casement windows feature a handle that, when turned, opens the window outward. This design style is commonly used in modern homes and provides ease of operation.

In Summary 

After reading this article, you now have an insight for confidently choosing the perfect style of windows for your home. At Hilston and Bennett, we are on hand to answer any further questions. Together we will bring comfort and style to your property.